• Week 357

    5 November 2019

    These are a bit late, so let’s keep them quick.

    On Longridge I wrapped up the draft of the HTML/CSS course I started in Week 356.

    I’d written all the content already; all that was left was the two practical exercises, where the learner first marks up a webpage, and then adds CSS in step two to bring it to life. These took a little ‘rehearsal’, making sure the instructions lined up with the results, and adding as much clarity as possible to the instructions.

    In the end, I framed them a little like a puzzle. I made sure included each exercise included a bit of boilerplate code that learners might be able to use to help them with solutions to their own exercises. After all, problem-solving on the front-end often comes down to a combination of your own knowledge and a looking at what you’ve already got.

    I also rehearsed my own screencast walkthrough of one of the exercises, and discovered that I’d have to script the key points I needed to hit, or else it’d get rambly fast. I’m planning to record those at the end of week 358.

    I did a little planning for this winter’s Hyper Island teaching on their part-time Digital Management MA. The structure of this year’s days is coming together, but there are still has some gaps in the schedule, which we had a phone call to try to fill in.

    I also got a little while to spend on Dent. I built the board up and, other than one missing trace, this time, it worked correctly! I managed, after some wrangling, to get the UF2 bootloader onto it, and then get some test firmware on. I’d say the work was about 75% successful: all the UI elements are working correctly, and I’m reading the SD card over SPI fine. But the DAC audio out is proving troublesome, so when I get another moment, I guess there’s more debugging to be done.

    And that was it. Mainly: typing, thinking.