• Week 36

    23 June 2013

    I spent a day in Sheffield this week, for a short piece of design consultancy with Rattle. A really good workshop: some suitably curvy thinking, good sketching, and the result was a somewhat curious piece of media invention: inventing a media format for data visualisation.

    A second day in the studio wrote this up with sketches, notes, and animatics. I think it’s gone in an interesting direction, though it’ll be interesting to see how it develops once it’s in the hands of makers: that’s where the meat of this work will be.

    On Hello Lamppost – Muncaster – this week, the big news was the launch of the trailer. That’s had a great response, from both friends and the media. My colleagues at PAN sure do know how to make charming, informative short films.

    Lots of meaty work on Hello Lamppost, too: defining and designing the final types of interaction, and also working out what we need the website to do. The coming weeks are going to be very busy on that front, burning down to launch, but we’ve got a plan in place: it should turn out well. Ben’s written a great update about everything we’ve been doing over at the Pan blog.

    And finally, some communication work – pitching, discussing, scoping – about a project called Sore; bringing the likelihood of it happening closer to the event horizon.