• Week 31

    20 May 2013

    Monday and Tuesday were spent in Bristol at the Pervasive Media Studio, running our first playtests of Hello Lamppost. Lots of useful feedback, lots of things to patch up and fix, and excellent support from the extended team at PMS.

    The middle of the week saw the final demonstration of Detling to the BBC. That should be launching in a few days – and I’ll share more details of it then. It was a good demo, but also exciting to consider what the prospects beyond the early alpha will be.

    There was a short piece of work towards the end of the week – Wilton – with After The Flood. I’ve known Max for a while, but it was good to work with him, even on a tiny engagement. A short period of sketching, thinking, and producing some illustrations of interfaces around data.

    And then at the end of the week, I took the talk about data from last week at Telefonica, and showed it to a few people at Decoded. I think it went down well.

    Lots of thinking and fixing on Hello Lamppost – and by the end of the week, a plan of attack to build what we hope will be the final platform for it. That’s for week 32, though.