I am a technologist and designer. I've written more about what that means, and what I bring to the projects I work on. The case studies below highlight specific projects; in them, I explore both the final outcome of the work, as well as the process of delivering it.

As well as the case studies below, I've worked on projects or consulted for organisations including Google, the BBC, The Guardian, Bulb, After The Flood, Sensible Object (now Niantic London), Good Night Lamp, and Good Form & Spectacle.

An Introduction to Coding and Design

Online courses to teach the fundamentals of programming, web markup, and UX design.



Building the world's most advanced subtitling platform.



An open-source controller for musical instruments


Hyper Island: Teaching on Digital Management MA

Industry leader for module on MA course


When in Rome RMS

A tool for managing game audio.

Spring 2018

Variations on a Weekend Theme

An online art installation for Kettle's Yard

December 2017 - February 2018

Reservoir 13 Live

A live soundtrack for a novel

March-June 2017

Foxfield Instruments

Electronic musical instruments and kits

Autumn 2016-