• Week 354

    20 October 2019

    Weeknotes this week are dry, I’m afraid. I am still writing Longridge. I’d hoped to move onto writing my second course, but spent much of the week wrangling feedback on the first.

    On the flipside, the feedback was all useful, and easily sorted, by and large. It should also help to make the other two courses a bit faster to write, now I have a better idea of what’s expected. But it’s put me back a bit.

    Mainly, I rewrote exercises, edited an interview, drew up some quizzes, recorded one more voiceover, and then two more chunky screencasts that had me deep in Hitfilm’s composite clip editor to tell the story correctly. Phew.

    I did get some time on Tuesday afternoon to spend thinking about an exercise for the second course - actually taking the plan in my head and walking through it myself. The good news is that at least half of it should be reasonably straightforward; however, I’m going to have to solve the second half of the exercise in the course of writing next week. Still, it’s had me ruminating on the issues ahead, so that’s a good thing.