• Week 250

    9 October 2017

    Weeknotes are easier when you only have to write them for a single week. Let’s get back on that.

    Selworthy is gearing up for a fairly major deployment, incorporating the work I’ve put in over the summer that will form our new foundations. So I’ve been shepherding small pull requests around that, making sure we have a clean deployment branch, and planning out the deployment process and rehearsals. The little team is now motoring – someone else has taken the front-end by the scruff of the neck and is dragging it into the future, and our pull requests feel like they’re getting real reviews. It’s good.

    I continued some prodding on Longcrag/Foxfield work. I’m really trying to finalise the next line of products. Three of them are so nearly there – one is done, one is on the edge of done but might get a last minute redesign… and one I’m umming and ahhing about. It’s the most complex kit I’ve got, and it’s causing me a few last minute issues. All the fun of hardware.

    I also continued the ‘bring-up’ of the Silicon Labs devkit I’m working on. That’s going moderately well, now – I’m wrapping my head around the board a little more and have most features working, although, as ever, debouncing buttons continues to be a fun adventure. One last major feature to get into it, and then I’m going to have a think about what I’ve done there.

    I did a small amount of work for the Good Night Lamp team – fettling the management tool a little with some feature requests to improve quality of life.

    And I kicked off a new piece of work for myself called Cleeve. Cleeve is unexciting but important. You might note that my Projects page is about 2.5 years out of date. That is not deliberate. But it’s time to update it – so I’m working on writing everything up, researching the stuff I can’t remember, and getting it all nicely up-to-date. You’ll know when it’s all live, but in the meantime, that’s a thing to be working on.