• Weeks 134-136

    20 May 2015

    Three weeknotes rolled into one. Although it’s not, really, as you’ll see.

    Week 134 and 135 were spent pushing on on Selworthy: so close to the finish line, and yet lots of potential crinkles to iron out. We hit our deadline pretty much feature-complete, with a decent number of snags gone. Energetic QA on the part of the client caught all the unintended implementation errors, and most of them were easy to patch up – with only a short burst of frenetic Javascript towards the end to iron out one crinkle. This was also the period where I handed over infrastructure to the client, helping them get set up on Github and so forth – and that’s meant we’ve moved issue tracking over to Github Issues, which they’ve really taken to.There are already future feature requests floating around, but for now, we’ve got a really solid end-to-end application and people are excited by it.

    Otherwise, the odd smattering of meetings, including a trip to Playhubs to see Alex and his Fabulous Beasts. And then, at the end of all that work on Selworthy, a holiday: week 136 is spent out of the studio, by the sea.

    (And, as I sit by the sea, Richard tells me we’ve snagged a very small bit of funding to take the tinkering we did a couple of weeks back forward – lovely news, and celebrate with beer and a read).