• Week 133

    5 May 2015

    Selworthy is in a good shape. The unknown unknowns are slowly shrinking, and much of Week 133 was spent polishing up the workflow elements – tidying up what happens on state change, fixing up the UI dependent on what state the project or user was in, and making sure the experience was coherent for an end-user. By the end of the week, all that had slipped was the dedicated work of transferring the infrastructure to the client, but that shouldn’t take too long to wrap up.

    I also spent some time tidying the UI, and found an excuse to put Flexbox to good use, evening out some layouts – how I’d love that technology to have existed a few years back!

    I also spent some time porting the audit trail within the application, as well as things that might have once lived in callbacks, to use EventBus. I really didn’t need anything complicated, but I like the Pub/Sub model, and EventBus provides a simple, synchronous way of propagating events around the app. It means my controllers are much more lightweight, and everything that comes down to being triggered when something else happenes is now tidied away. (I don’t mind that it’s synchronous: I’m using it to keep the application code tidy, rather than for asynchronicity).

    Barring a few other pieces of functionality, it’s now at the point where the best way to work out what’s next is to use it in anger: give the client some time with it, and test our assumptions. I think there’s still going to be a bit more to do, but nothing insurmountable. B

    In the middle of the week, I spent an afternoon tinkering with a small prototype that Richard was idly wondering about. It seemed easier for me to see if it’d work by building it, and so I spent some pleasant hours messing around with Canvas, Backbone, and the HTML5 Audio API. It turns out I’ve learned a lot in the process of Selworthy, and I managed to come up with pretty neatly designed. More to the point, it also made us both grin a lot. So perhaps there’s some more work to be done there. A fun diversion.