• Week 22

    18 March 2013

    Week 22: time for a new project. This week I kicked off Detling: a seven-week or so web prototype around social listening, which I’m working on with Caper and BBC Radio 3.

    We began with a week of discovery: exploring the fabric of the product a bit, deciding what it was we were really making. Lots of sketching and blackboards, a day or so prodding a spreadsheet until I could tear it into reasonably satisfying chunks (and prove that doing so was feasible), some graphic design exploration. It’s another project with a tight timeline, but we’re focusing on making it deliverable, manageable, and self-explanatory. Should be an interesting one.

    I wrapped up Dundry in some spare moments, and the BBC Knowledge & Learning team seem very pleased with that.

    And, otherwise, set up some meetings in April and May that sound promising for the summer.

    Next week: more on Detling, some work on Playable City, and off to Serbia. A bit about that in another post.