Projects involving ruby on rails


Building the world's most advanced subtitling platform.


When in Rome RMS

A tool for managing game audio.

Spring 2018

Empathy Deck

An emotional Twitter bot for a gallery installation

July 2016 - October 2018

Good Night Lamp

Design and software consultancy for an IOT startup

2012, 2016-present


A data-journalism platform to help editors and journalists gather and share information at volume.

May - October 2014


Prototype of a connected object.

January-February 2014

Hello Lamp Post

A city's objects made playable.

Spring-Summer 2013

Concert Club

Bringing the live music experience home.

May 2013


An experience prototype for BBC Knowledge and Learning

February 2013

Radio 3s Musical Map

A geolocated CMS for a one-off radio feature.

February 2013