I'm a freelance technologist and designer living and working in London.

I've worked on the internet for over 15 years. I am experienced web developer across the full stack from browser (front-end) to server (back-end), in a variety of languages and frameworks. I particularly like boring technologies. I've lead technology products and teams, and advised and developed technology strategy for a variety of products and clients.

I have particularly expertise in a few spaces: the creative application of technology; connected objects and “the internet of things” (including firmware development and electronic design); game design and playful experiences.

A key part of my practice is thinking through making: using prototypes as a way of having new ideas and inventing, not just as a way of de-risking a problem space. I work best in exploration and invention across design and technology, acting as a pathfinder for product and strategy. I enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams.

You can find out more about my work here, including more detailed breakdowns of the technologies and deliverables involved in each. A key project for me, and one that perhaps demonstrates my capabilities best, is CaptionHub.

I've spoken at conferences around the world on design, technology, writing, and games.

I maintain a personal blog at infovore.org.