I’m a freelance technologist and designer living and working in London. I am available for hire.

I’m an experienced web developer across the full stack, from browser (front-end) to server (back-end). I’m a solid interaction and user experience designer, both in terms of designing things to be used, as well as building sensible interaction design into the software I build. I have particular expertise in game design. Increasingly, I’ve been working on “physical computing” projects, straddling the real world and the digital – what’s sometimes called the “Internet of Things”. I’ve provided workshops, consultancy and advice to a wide range of firms.

I work best in exploration, iteration and prototyping; straddling design and technology.

You can find out more about my work on here, including more detailed breakdowns of the technologies and deliverables involved in each.

I’ve spoken at conferences around the world on design, technology, writing, and games.

I maintain a personal blog at infovore.org.