• Week 334

    31 May 2019

    A quiet week in the studio, looking to the future, and taking some downtime.

    I spent some afternoons writing up a fair few more projects. No, they’re not live on this site yet - there’s one big one to go and then the copy for the new site is largely in place. Next up will be sorting out the infrastructure and deploying it!

    As part of that, I added a simple Makefile to the application to handle some basic tasks, and, following Alice’s example wrote a simple make week task to make a new blogpost file with the correct week number. Good!

    Otherwise, I spent time meeting colleagues and peers and having a good chats about all manner of topics; good to reset my head, open up some new ideas, think about some new topics, and root myself back in the world. A few tickles of potential work via email, but mainly, a week spent tending the (metaphorical) garden.

    Next week: office move, some more meetings, starting to get my head back into work again.