• Week 331

    12 May 2019

    A short week, owing to a bank holiday at the beginning and a day largely not working at the end.

    Over at Highrigg, I worked on the spec from last week, getting something closer to a list of things to be achieved, as well as making it easier to specify what other assistance we'd require. I met with some colleagues to share that and understand how best to secure that assistance.

    I also had some technical successes: fleshing out my GraphQL service backend and, after some assistance spinning up some Google Cloud services, rewriting a service to store files there (rather than locally) and auto-update them. All the yarn tasks to do that are all completed - now I just need to set up whatever the equivalent of a cron job is to run it. And, on another piece of work, I deployed some updates around error logging. Finally, we reviewed some colleagues’ excellent UX research around some changes we were proposing, and gained useful insight into both those changes, and wider issues effecting a particular slice of end-users. A productive couple of days!

    On Thursday and Friday, I reached feature-parity on my port of this site to Hugo, and also managed to port all the legacy content over, I think. So at some point, I'll consider swapping over, and possibly refining the appropriate rsync incantation. But I'd also like to spend some time writing up all the projects that have happened since Rubato, if only to see if this new platform works a little better.

    Anyhow, a good few days.