• Weeks 272-273

    19 March 2018

    Fortnightnotes, then, partly because of illness and travel.

    Selworthy has settled into a new routine. I’m spending a fraction over a day a week on this, typically, doing R&D into some tricky new areas, discussing features and development with the team, pinpointing specific pain points, and reviewing code. It looks like there might be some odd development spikes in the future, but otherwise, I’m happy with this.

    I continued working on a new Longcrag/Foxfield order: lots of kits sorted, a minor setback involving some fabrication in China, but not much bagging on my end left to go – the main thing remaining is the waiting involved in global supply chains.

    I continued hacking away a bit on the hardware design of 16n. That led into an avenue of learning about sectional analysis to confirm design:


    …and spitting out a lot of renders:


    My CAD chops have got quite strong now. Probably spent enough time on this, though!

    Beyond that, I had a day or two off to visit family, and lost a day or two to illness, which was annoying.

    With this Foxfield run wrapping up, and Selworthy dialled back, I’m going to have some availability coming up – not quite full time, but not far off, and well suited to project-shaped work. So I’m thinking about what I’m interested in.

    Things I appear to be interested in: software, mainly on the web; building useful tools for others to work with; small, genuinely cross-disciplinary teams; collaboration rather than implementation; still calling interaction design interaction design; connected objects; audio, music and sound; hardware/software hybrids.

    If any of that tickles your fancy, maybe drop me a line. I’ll keep thinking if I have a better way of describing what I’m looking for.