• Week 260

    18 December 2017

    A slightly distorted week, in no small part thanks to illness.

    Monday I took off as a catch-up post Hyper Island teaching. On Tuesday, I went up to Cambridge to meet Emma to talk over a digital work I’m building with her for the re-opening of Kettle’s Yard; this is the project known as Gummershow. I left Cambridge with a much clearer understanding of the problems at hand, and what I’d like to get done on the project before the year is out.

    Unfortunately, by Wednesday, I was laid out with a solid case of endoftermitis: pushing a bit too hard towards the end of the year coupled with rooms full of people who may also have had colds. That led to lowered productivity for the rest of the week – I pushed through some work on Selworthy, but not entirely effectively, and perhaps should have been firmer with myself about taking time off: some days, though, it’s just boring being ill and I’d have given anything to have had my concentration back.

    I ended the week perhaps further behind on Gummershow than I’d have liked, but in slightly better health. One more week to go – and it’s going to be a busy one.