• Week 259

    11 December 2017

    Really busy this week, although not a lot to say for it!

    A day on Selworthy to wrap a first spike of an API integration, although my colleagues have reminded me it really does need tests writing, so perhaps time to sit down and really learn vcr.

    Monday and Wednesday were spent putting finishing touches to materials for Lowick – the Digital Technologies strand of Hyper Island’s Digital Management MA.

    Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I acted as industry leader on an intensive workshop for the part-time MA students. Very intense, but very satisfying – lots of really strong discussions and exciting to see the journeys they were going on. Even in the brief time we had you could see seeds of ideas slowly unfurling. They were a lovely group to work with. It was also great to be able to get Henry, Wesley, and (some of) Strange Telemetry in to talk to them, set briefs, and run workshops; always proud to share the work of talented colleagues with others.

    By Saturday night I was very much done in. Phew. A couple more weeks and then this year is done, and I’m looking forward to that Christmas break.