• Week 254

    6 November 2017

    This week:

    • I spent a couple of days on Selworthy. We’re really getting into the new cardwall/standup routine, and I think it’s helping visualise and communicate velocity well. Codewise, I was mainly fixing some Javascript issues throughout the GUI, and beginning to look into some changes to one of our subsidiary services – I should wrap that up in week 255.
    • I also spent a day for an existing client helping them move their site to a new webserver. They wanted to enable SSL, but it turned out it’d be easier to provision a new server than update a slightly old version of Ubuntu. So I used a bunch of Ansible provisioning tools I had on hand to build out a PHP/Apache box, talking to Amazon RDS. I probably spent longer wrangling EC2’s security groups and VPCs than I did writing provisioning code. Once moved over, there was a moderate amount of fettling to do to bring their CMS up, but it all got accomplished in the allotted time, and setting up Let’s Encrypt was a piece of cake on the new box. We moved their DNS over to Route53 to wrap up the migration work.
    • I spent a little time on Wednesday tidying up some Foxfield work – sorting out BOMs for future products and finding suppliers of specific Amphenol Jacks.
    • And on Thursday, I met up with Jason and Sukhvir from Curious Chip, who showed me Pip, and we had a really interesting chat about what they’re up to. Nice to talk to other inventors and designers wrangling code and hardware into product.