• Week 227

    3 May 2017

    The notes continue to be brief in proportion to the busyness of the week!

    • I spent most of my time on Selworthy writing export tools for another broadcast subtitle format; challenging, but making lots of headway and understanding the format better the longer I spend with it.

    • On Gisborough, we wrapped up a second pass of the content, started to brief an animator, and planned the final push on the project.

    • Longcrag is paused whilst I wait for the replacement panels to arrive from Eurocircuits. However, two prototypes for future Longcrag projects arrived, so I built them up. One was an entirely new board – albeit based on two other existing products – and it worked first time, and also confirmed that the idea for the product was a good one. So that’s something that might move up the production schedule depending on how the first batch of products go.

      The other was a second iteration of something I’d made earlier – now ported entirely to surface-mount technology, and fixing a bug in the layout that meant the output voltages weren’t high enough. It works entirely correctly, and is quite exciting – unlike the other Longcrag products, which are my own take on existing ideas or concepts, this one is an invention, and it seems to work well. I built up two of them, and have sent one to a pianist for beta-testing, and to see how another musician responds to it.

    Fair motoring, and rolling reasonable well through all the inevitable context-switching.