• Week 215

    6 February 2017

    Continuing the theme of doing weeknotes for a single week almost on-time:

    • A few days on Gisborough with dotEveryone, carrying out some research trips, sharing our findings, and trying to creep up on the project from a variety of angles. I’ve been reminded that when I get stuck, I probably need to make things, even if all I’m making is words. Writing-to-explain has been one way out of holes, as has making hypothetical posters. Better to have something to disagree with than nothing at all.

    • On Selworthy, I liased with another developer about merging our two strands of work, and also about changes to the data we’re storing that’ll require transforming everything in the system. It’ll enable a nice chunk of new functionality, but definitely something to measure several times and cut once. Also lots of UI finessing and research, although my time on this was curtailed at the end of the week by slight illness.

    • On Longcrag, I revised the two prototypes with minor bugs from the week before. One took a good half hour of prodding and staring at the oscilloscope until I found the glaringly obvious problem: an output connection normalised to ground that shouldn’t be. When the normalised connection was broken, everything behaved itself. So a single change to the schematic and board, and that one’s good to go. The other board needed a more comprehensive redesign, it turned out, which I breadboarded up and confirmed worked well; I quickly laid the thing out and ordered a second pass of it from OSHPark.

      And finally, at the weekend, I sketched out some code for a new Longcrag idea that came to me in the shower at the weekend. It should be a really interesting device – I can see lots of fun applications for it.

    Friday finished early as head-cold and winter lurgy did for me, so a largely quiet weekend in order to prepare for another busy week. Onwards!