• Week 214

    1 February 2017

    I’m into some crunchy, busy weeks now, so keeping weeknotes brief:

    • The project I’m working on with dotEveryone got underway. We set out some framing for the first patch of work, and I went on a quick research visit. Next week, we’ll kick off working in the office proper and try to wrestle the brief to the ground a bit. (I’m calling this project Gisborough, for reference).
    • Selworthy – I continued work on making some the UI slicker and simpler (at least from the end-user’s perspective). I also spent some time with another developer planning out how best to attack a new feature, and doing Just Enough Ops to help our sysadmin on the side.
    • Longcrag – more prototypes arrived this week. I spent some time putting them together, and whilst they’re largely successful – they’re about 90% correct in terms of electrics – there are a few bugs that need understanding and then ironing out. These two were on their first ‘pressing’ – I’d not built them up before – but there’s always the hope they won’t need a second revision. In addition, the prototypes confirmed two fixes to the panels for the whole range of products – good – and revealed a mistake in my understanding of the silkscreening that would need to be revised across the range – bad. Still, progress.