• Week 212

    16 January 2017

    Focuses for Week 212:

    • Good Night Lamp – I spent some time patching and adding features to the tooling I’m working on following feedback from the team who are going to be using it.
    • Selworthy – spent a couple of days wrapping up features from the end of 2016, fixing some bugs, and starting a minor UI overhaul of some key functionality.
    • Spent an afternoon workshopping with doteveryone – hopefully more to say about that in due course.
    • Longcrag – redesigned lots of frontpanels to correctly fit jack sockets, and to use vector logos throughout. I redesigned a possible product for the second phase of releases, wrote some more documentation, and wrestled with some firmware for a prototype – which got to a good place by the time I was done.

    A busy first full week, spread between a range of clients and my own work.