• Weeks 191-194

    19 September 2016

    Nearly a month of weeknotes – gulp – but a month that’s easily summarised.

    The main focus of this time frame was bringing Holmfell into land and getting it over the finish line. That all went well, and it was feature complete by the beginning of September – at which point I went on vacation for just over a week.

    I returned to find it still alive and well, with almost minimal fettling required before its official launch. That came with the opening of Bedlam at the Wellcome Collection – and I’ve written more about Empathy Deck, Holmfell as was, over here.

    I spent some time in week 192 helping Spitalfields Music (on whose Programme Advisory Group I serve) with some interviews for their Open Call brief.

    And finally, in week 194, I also began a new project with the team at Good Form & Spectacle, which will take me through much of October. Big, complex, and lots to wrap my head around, as ever. More to come there, I’d imagine.