• This coming Saturday – the 31st January, 2016 – I’ll be in conversation at the Whitechapel Gallery with James Bridle and Georgina Voss about Systems Literacy. It’s a topic on I’ve spoken a few times, through the lens of design, games, and play, and I’m looking forward to our conversation:

    Artist James Bridle brings together speakers across disciplines to discuss the theme of systems literacy, the emerging literacy of the 21st Century: namely the understanding that we inhabit a complex, dynamic world of constantly-shifting relationships, made explicit but not always explained by our technologies.

    In the context of the exhibition Electronic Superhighway 2016-1966, which features Bridle’s work, the conversation explores how the ability to see, understand and navigate these systems and the related technology is key to artistic, social and political work in an electronic world.

    Tickets are available from the Whitechapel Gallery.