• Weeks 150-151

    15 September 2015

    A short week, 150. I spent it getting Selworthy to a point to hand it over to the client for inspection, before taking some time out of the studio.

    That’s mainly involved confirming that everything works correctly in the deployment environment, which is being maintained by the client. There’s always a bit of back and forth involved here: even though I’ve done my absolute to recreate the live environment in a virtual machine, there are often rough edges that need sanding down, and by the end of the week, we’d got rid of all of them for approval.

    I finished up on Thursday afternoon after a hectic week of fettling, and then left on holiday for the rest of weeks 150 and 151: time to recuperate and give my brain a break after a very busy August. Hopefully it’ll leave me rejuvenated for Week 152 onwards.