• Weeks 148-149

    1 September 2015

    Still got my head down, which means we’re still on fortnightnotes for the time being.

    Weeks 148 and 149 are the usual story: a variety of interesting meetings, keeping the Twinklr ball kicked up into the air, and taking Selworthy well past the inner marker on its landing path.

    Twinklr’s firmly in Richard’s hands – he sent me some photos of a rough jig for the enclosure, which definitely felt right to me, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that moves on. I spent some time thinking about a particular possible spin-off for the project, which was an exciting change of direction.

    I spent much of the fortnight deploying Selworthy into its new environment. That’s involved integrating with external authentication providers, collaborating with other developers on the configuration of its environment, and debugging issues with particular versions of libraries and packages.

    Needless to say, all quite challenging. There’s a lot of context switching, between server administration, deployment, researching new versions of packages, and then writing application code to reflect those changes. Each context shift takes me a while to recover from, and so I’ve been working on my tenacity.

    By the end of the fortnight, many, many moving pieces were settling into their final positions, with only the last bit of fettling left to go. Sometimes, this is what the work looks like – just pushing everything a little bit further forward.