• Weeks 142-143

    22 July 2015

    Fortnightnotes are becoming a bit of a habit, it seems. That’s partly because I’ve settled into a bit of a routine on Selworthy, so there’s not always that much to mention – and at the same time, I’m moving at a fair pace, so it’s been hard to squeeze them in. Let’s fix that now.

    In the past few weeks, my main focus has been on adding a few new key feature to Selworthy. Most of these have slotted in reasonably well, and we’re inches away, it feels, from being what we think of as feature complete. As well as bringing the 1.0 in to land, we’re thinking about re-engineering parts of it for deployment in its intended home, and what the future life of the product will look like.

    I spent a day in week 142 tinkering on a WordPress installation with Matt Webb, moving it to a new home, upgrading it and fettling it a little; a day of gentle pair-sysadminning, carefully working through a list of tasks and double-checking them. It was a pleasure to catch up with Matt, as ever, and we made good time on the work.

    I’ve also pushed Twinklr a bit further forward – mainly in terms of planning out how I’m going to manufacture a few single-sided PCBs to keep its innards tidy – and started the process of acquiring tools and materials to launch that into the world.