• Weeks 140-141

    3 July 2015

    Over the past two weeks, I’ve continued chipping away at the Selworthy featureset, exploring minor additions that might have significant value. That’s not always been successful: sometimes, the material just won’t quite do what I’d like, and that’s meant returning to the drawing board a few times. But I’ve had enough successes to push forward, and at the same time, we’ve begun exploring both a deployment of the product and potential futures for it.

    There’s not a lot more to say really, other than yes, it’s continuing, and moving forward, and I’m into a bit of a routine with it.

    Meanwhile, Twinklr has leapt forward as I’ve managed to get the prototype code up and running on a tablet. We’re actually using a Windows tablet for this, simply because we need to support USB HID devices, and, ideally, run the code locally; given all Windows tablets are running Actual Windows, that seemed like the best fit for the project. Initial results are promising; I’ve had to remember how to write batch files – something I’ve not done for over a decade – but it’s as satisfying on a touchscreen as I hoped. Richard and I have planned out the work we need to do to hit our first ‘official’ milestone, and it’s all very doable: he’s making good progress on the aesthetics and mechanics of the project, and I’m hoping to meet him in the middle with working technology.