• Week 139

    15 June 2015

    Very quick weeknotes this week, so let’s break out the bullet points:

    • Selworthy hit the milestone we were aiming for, wrapping up a list of key features. There’s still a long backlog of ‘wants’, though; some are large and monolithic, but I’ve got some space to start implementing some smaller features, so I started rattling through those, alongside continuing to think about deploying the application.
    • An interesting meeting on Tuesday about a project bringing a digital component to an installation piece focused on music, performance, and audience participation. A good session, and hopefully more to say there soon as it takes shape.
    • A brief piece of experimentation in a spare moment hacking on Twinklr, exploring Chrome’s Web MIDI support. That turned out very well, and so again, something to show off in the future! For the time being, exciting to play with browser technologies talking to the outside world without ridiculous plugins or other interventions.