• Week 137

    1 June 2015

    A short week after returning from vacation, but a decent amount to note down.

    Selwothy had a pilot run, being given to real users to work with, and I’ll find out more about how that went in Week 138. It seemed good, though – no code errors, lots of work put through it. I spent the two days that the pilot ran for wrapping up lots of minor issues on the snaglist, and a few items on the client’s wishlist. The hands-on attention its had from the end users in the past few weeks has really helped tidy up some rough edges. As well as going over the wishlist, I also started planning out a next potential phase of work for Selworthy.

    Friday was largely given over to meetings: lunch with George from Good Form & Spectacle, an ever-useful chat with Tom Taylor from Offset, and then catching up with Richard over coffee about, amongst other things, Hensbarrow. A nice way to end the week.