• Week 123

    23 February 2015

    Week 123 was really short owing to holidays and family events. Still, a few significant things happened!

    We started recording on Periton this week; one session in Week 123, with the majority of Week 124 also going to be spent on recording. A decent start, though, and I’m hoping I’m going to relax more into it as we do more sessions and interviews.

    I helped Richard confirm Rubato was in shape for next week’s gig: Richard’s playing at the Apple Store on Regent Street, London, the evening of 24th February. Do come along if you’d like to see Rubato in action, and to hear some fantastic music!

    And finally, over at my own personal site, I wrote a bit about connected objects. Or rather: I wrote about a passage in Philip K Dick’s Ubik that’s been doing the rounds, and tried to unpack the relationship between connected objects and the financial structures they’re made within:

    Joe Chip clearly lives in a connected future. We know his homeopape machine talks to some kind of network, requesting news in a particular tone and fabricating it for him.

    We know that the devices that make up his conapt know about his credit rating, and hence can refuse to work without either a line of credit or cash money.

    The question really is: why does the apartment and its devices know about his credit rating? Why should it matter?

    More, about capitalism, the internet of things, and some Bruno Latour, over at infovore.org.

    That’s it for Week 123; as I write, I’m on the East Coast mainline to kick off recording for Periton in week 124. More about that next week.