• Week 122

    15 February 2015

    Quick weeknotes for a short week:

    • Periton moves ahead, with some planning, research, and wrestling with booking travel. Plans are coming together, and real work starts next week.
    • One last bugfix on Rubato/Burton – an issue around Internet Explorer’s handling of negative margin. I seem to have spent about ten years of my professional life wrestling with Internet Explorer’s esoteric handling of the CSS spec, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon. As ever, Browserstack proved itself invaluable.
    • Continued tinkering with Elasticsearch. I’m playing around with it on a few little experiments, following my experience of it on Swarmize. I’m continuing to learn things: the best way to map and structure data to support aggregation, the simplest way to spit data out. It’s a tool I’m finding increasingly valuable not as a search tool, but a data exploration tool.
    • Continued pipeline work: not super-aggressive, but a few new leads on potential small projects upcoming.

    Week 123 will be short as well: family events and long weekends taking up a few of the days.