• Week 82

    11 May 2014

    Week 82: continued work on Hutton, amidst a bout of illness.

    Hutton is taking shape. I put together a short, sixty-second film explaining it this week, which is one of the last components of it prior to decloaking it as part of my talk at Solid. That also meant testing the it out in anger – Hutton is an object – as part of the filming.

    It’s definitely functional, and using it has given me some insight into changes that I’d make in future versions. It’s also highlighted some of the compromises in this current version, which is very much an early piece of work, and the compromises were so that I could get it into my hand. It’s enough to understand the problem, confirm my suspicions; it is, after all, an exploration. Still, I was a bit frustrated by some of its jankiness, but right now, that’s not its purpose: its purpose is understanding and communication, and I have to remember that when I’m criticising myself.

    I also continued to work on rebuilding and enhancing this website, and that’s almost ready to go. A lot of content work, and some minor WordPress fiddles. Hopefully, I’ll deploy that in Week 83.

    A few meetings, along with a few days of illness, and that was a full lid for week 82. Week 83 will consist of writing my talk for Solid, along with some other tidbits, and I’ll be in San Francisco from the 19th May for a bit if you’d like to meet up.

    I’m also looking for work opportunities from June, so if any of the work described on the site – software development, IOT prototyping, interaction design, thinking hard about strange problems – feels like a fit, do get in touch.