• Week 61

    15 December 2013

    Most of Week 61 was spent on Haddington. Monday was spent onsite with the rest of the team, finalising the plan for the next few weeks, and building a few features that required some collaboration. The rest of the weeks was spent polishing of templates and interactions.

    On Tuesday, I spoke about Cities As Platforms at Wearable Futures, which seemed to go down well – and the rest of the conference looked super-interesting. It was a shame I couldn’t stay longer, but Haddington called.

    In around that, I fitted a tad of Seager in around the cracks, pushing forward on implementation, and bringing it close to an end-to-end prototype.

    Next week’s the last week in the studio until 2014; I’m going to be working pretty much til the end of the week, focusing on Haddington and Seager.