• Week 56

    10 November 2013

    This week, I began work on what I’m calling Haddington – though it already has an existing name. I’m working as part of a small team – primarily Dan Catt and Dean Vipond – on some new product development at the Guardian.

    Primarily, I’m focusing on front-end development: bringing Dean’s designs to life, acting as another designer for him to bounce ideas off, and finessing a lot of the interactive elements of the site.

    This week focused on wrapping my head around the site, building up the core static pages, and beginning to develop a set of components for building the templates out of. By the end of the week – according to iDoneThis, I had a lot of that in place and ready to share with the team. Next week is going to involve refactoring a lot of my Sass to make it a bit less wasteful and more modular – getting it into good shape for turning into dynamic templates on top of Dan’s code.