• Week 55

    3 November 2013

    A week of writing; I delivered a new talk at Playark on Friday, which needed writing, and as ever, which eluded me until almost the day. However, it found some form by Tuesday night, and came together. It ended up being about a collection of my toys and games built around cities – from Tower Bridge to Hello Lamp Post – and looking at them with a somewhat Situationist lens. I’ll try to get it online soonish – it came out pretty well, and I had some very kind feedback. It was a really good day out, too, and a nice way to finish the week.

    I also poked a little of Housedon, sorting out an issue with rendering Canvas elements on HiDPI screens – which had reared its head on Retina iPhones. I wasn’t sure how solvable this would be, but it was a nice exercise and the results came out rather nice.

    Finally, I also lined a few things up for Haddington – a contract beginning next week. So far, that was just billing details, along with a healthy dose of brew install to get my computer ready for some new tools. I’m looking forward to it a lot.