• Week 18

    18 February 2013

    Everything’s getting busy. I kicked off the week pushing through a bit further on Crowborough: getting to an end-to-end demo, checking everything works out.

    I met a few people for various lunches to see what they’re up to, including some of the Makeshift crew.

    In the middle of the week, I kicked off work on Dundry: lots of wireframing and thinking. Though the wireframes and interaction work were sent off on Friday, there’s a lot of detritus – felt-pen sketches all over my desk, exploring other avenues, seeing how things felt, before I committed them to vectors. Dundry is going to be occupying me for the remainder of the month, and the first week in March; it should be an exciting, busy project, with some really tangible outputs – once we’re happy with the sketches, the rest of the sketching will happen in code.

    On Friday, Firle launched, and seems to have been well-appreciated by both the client and it’s users; always good to have a successful launch.

    And at the end of Friday, I took Crowborough down to Berg, where I showed it at their Friday demos. I’ll write more about it soon: it’s a Little Printer publication, which takes a fairly obvious product – the to-do list – and re-interprets it in somewhat unusual ways. Playing with the various materials involved (paper, Bergcloud, SMS, and Little Printer publications) was entertaining and illuminating. And: a lovely platform to write code for.

    Things are ramping up, then. Week 19 is primarily going to be solid, head-down work on Dundry.