• Week 16

    4 February 2013

    Tuesday saw a trip to Bristol, to the PM Studio, where PAN, Gyorgyi and I kicked off Hello, Lamppost with Clare and Verity. A good long meeting, with great insight and conversation, and then an afternoon wandering a grey, damp Bristol, looking at the materials we’d have to work with – the streets themselves.

    The rest of the week was spent primarily on business development. Enough research to put together a quote for Chanctonbury – a brief but super-interesting data-wrangling project.

    And, separately to that, a long meeting on Monday, followed by subsequent thinking, writing, and developing for Dundry: a meaty prototyping project that could likely consume February. Dundry has the potential to sprawl and overflow, but I think it’s most interesting when it’s ratcheted down, nice and tight: expressing the concept through a couple of core conceits, rather than trying to let it be anything it wants from the start.

    A few other meetings filled out the week – one about writing, rather than technology, which was really interesting – and a bit of illness laid me lower than I’d like towards the end.

    The usual, then: developing, pitching, lining things up for February – one or two things are almost on the starting blocks.