A data-journalism platform to help editors and journalists gather and share information at volume.

Swarmize is a platform to help editors and journalists gather data at volume, and in real time. It was funded by a Knight News Challenge grant, and developed alongside Graham Tackley and Matt McAlister.

Swarmize has a few core components:

The Swarmize website features three comprehensive case studies with animated explanations:

Working onsite at the Guardian meant that frequent collaboration and discussion with journalists and editors was possible, and the feedback we received was invaluable.

Throughout the build of Swarmize I worked closely with Graham – the only other developer on the project. My focus was primarily the Rails-based web front-end for creating managing, and viewing Swarms. I also produced the documentation for both case studies and for other developers. This code all integrated with the Scala-based back-end pipeline, which dealt with everything from validation and storage through to API retrieval. We used a stack comprised of a variety of AWS components – Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, DynamoDB, Simple Workflow – and built our own deployment tools.

You can find out more at swarmize.com, and the code is publicly available on Github.