An experience prototype for BBC Knowledge and Learning

Dundry was an ‘experience prototype’ for BBC Knowledge and Learning. K&L had a concept they were interested in, and wanted to bring it to life in order to see how well it was responded to. Rather than testing look and feel, we sought to test the core idea. What was it like to use in reality?

Starting from an initial concept from the client, Dundry began with a week of focused interaction design culminating in a stack of wireframes and storyboards, before moving into three intense sprints to deliver a working prototype. The goal was not to test look and feel, but to explore how effective the concept was when interacted with.

The working prototype was richly interactive, built with D3 on the front-end, talking to a Ruby on Rails backend. An administrative interface allowed the K&L team to continue adding content to the prototype after delivery.

The final deliverable consisted of wireframes and storyboards, screencasts of the prototype in use, an archive of code, and full documentation for the admin UI, D3 rendering layer, and data structures of the prototype.