• Weeks 246-249

    2 October 2017

    Week 246 and the majority of 247 were spent on holiday. Mid-week 247, I got back to work.

    I shipped a new batch of Foxfield products to Thonk – 90 kits in total, to restock some that had sold out entirely and bolster the stock of other. That was a couple of days of bagging and wrangling shipping, at the end of Week 247 and early into week 248, but we got there!

    I spent a handful of days in week 248 building out a small software utility for Sensible Object. In the end, slightly tighter timewise than I’d have liked, but we got the key features deployed and running in the time we had.

    In week 249, I spent a day in Newcastle running an afternoon workshop on the digital landscape for filmmakers, on behalf of Northern Film + Media – half of it an extension of previous works about promoting and extending your projects online, half of it focused on technology as a material for artists to work with.

    I spent some R&D time exploring working with a Silicon Labs Happy Gecko development board, porting a prototype based around Arduino to it. Why? Partly to get a feel for what more serious embedded development looks like; partly because the devtools are surprisingly alright (compared to some other offerings); partly because it offers perhaps a more practical route to market than ancient old Atmega chips. Slow progress, but not no progress – and exciting to see things come to life, as always.

    And around all that I brought the big branch of Selworthy I’ve been working on into land. That’s involved some challenging code, and some particularly challenging rebases. But by the end of week 249, it was all lined up and ready to go. I’m looking forward to seeing that in the wild. Selworthy has also acquired a new front-end developer, who’s dragging some of my clunky front-end code kicking and screaming into 2017; it’s becoming more complex, also more organised as a result. More importantly, it’s already feeling better to an end user, and I think we’re going to reap some benefits from that.