• MySociety Data Breakfast: Designing Data-Driven Products

    10 December 2014

    I’m giving a talk at this week’s MySociety ‘Data Breakfast’:

    Products, tools, and visualisations built on top of data aren’t just thrown together arbitrarily. They take a degree of thought and process to assemble.

    This Data Breakfast will examine that process, looking at the forms data can be represented in, and the ways to explore and understand those forms, based on experience gained from real-world examples.

    We’ll look at everything from data rendered as physical objects through to a data-gathering tool developed for journalists, and consider how best to build data-driven products.

    The talk is called Spreadsheets and Weathervanes. It’s a free event, but there’s limited space, so you’ll need to sign up at Eventbrite. Perhaps see some of you there.