• The Material World

    20 September 2013

    My talk from Webdagene was filmed, and the videos are now all online; you can watch it above. It’s about the process of material exploration for designers.

    The modern designer works with more materials than ever before. Not just tangible materials, such as the web, or desktop software, or the smartphone; also, intangible ‘immaterials’ such as data, time, radio, and the network.

    To design well with materials, be they tangible or not, we need to be conversant in them, acutely aware of their capabilities. How do we develop that familiarity?

    Rest assured: the slides displayed fine on the day; however, the stream slightly skewed the aspect ratio and lowered the image quality considerably; apologies to everyone whose material is not quite as pristine as it should be – it definitely was at the event.