• Week 81

    5 May 2014

    Not much to write about this week, but will do anyway.

    First, more pushing onwards with Hutton: thinking about filming, working out what I need to bring this phase of the project into land in the next week or so. That included a little planning, testing some filming rigs, and getting ready to shoot next week.

    I also started work on overhauling this website. The simple list of posts has been useful, but I’d like to be able to show off projects better now I have a decent number to talk about. And I’ve got time in my schedule. So I spent a few days noodling in Sketch, before cranking out some responsive templates and a pile of WordPress code to handle the display of projects.

    I also, most importantly, started overhauling the content. The new site has been definitely designed around the content I’m likely to display, and getting it written (not to mention gathering together media) is probably going to be at least as time-consuming as everything technical.

    Still, by the end of the week, the code was 90% done and the content about halfway. Should be on course to launching things in the next week or so.

    An interview I did with Glen Martin for O’Reilly went live on the O’Reilly website; I think it captures some of the thinking and discussions Pan, Gyorgyi and I had around Hello Lamp Post whilst we were building it. The interview went up prior to Solid, which I’ll be at in two weeks’ time.

    And, with a frustrating chunk of admin to fill out time, that was the week. Hutton is in an interesting place right now, and it might have a life beyond this very first prototype; I’ve chatted it over with several peers and friends and they’ve all provided useful insight. So we’ll see where that goes. But for now, the next thing – and the goal for Week 82 – is filming and documenting it.