• Week 34

    10 June 2013

    A quiet week, but worth documenting nontheless (if only to remind me of the shape of the year).

    The majority of making-work was focused on Playable City – primarily firming up some infrastructure, making a few things more robust, and poking at the forecast.io API to see if there was anything to be done with it.

    Otherwise, lots of new business development: some research and a proposal for an art project in September, and a mentoring project I can hopefully write more about shortly.

    And, the realities of business: finalising tax returns, talking to accountants; continuing maintenance on live projects.

    It’s often on these quiet weeks that weeknotes feel more like a chore than a joy, but I’m holding onto them: they’re useful as a practice, to see the ebb and flow throughout the year. Some weeks are busy, and this one was bitty and quiet. But the main thing it reminds me is how busy things are going to get quite soon. Onwards.